Sensée TalentPitch

Have a quick read through what TalentPitch is all about. When you’re ready, click ‘Register’.

Hello, welcome to TalentPitch. Here you’ll fill out your application and learn more about the HomeAgent role from some of our people. We’ll also find out more about your skills and personality through games, quizzes as well as questionnaires.

What you’ll need

  1. About an hour and a half to complete your pitch. Just so you know, you can stop at any time and come back to complete it.
  2. Somewhere quiet to work as you’ll need to be able to concentrate.
  3. A laptop, desktop computer or tablet (a mobile phone won’t work). By the way, TalentPitch uses both sound and video.

What happens when you’ve finished

We’ll be in touch within two business days to let you know about the outcome of your pitch and whether you are invited to a Virtual Interview.

You’ll in any event get an instant report that’ll tell you more about how you got on in the quizzes and your personality.

A few tips

  1. Don’t worry if you find the brain games hard, or think that your answers may be incorrect. We don’t expect that you’ll get every answer right — most of us got half of them wrong!
  2. Have a tea break. Remember you can stop at any point and come back to your pitch.
  3. Enjoy yourself. It'll give your brain a workout, and it’s a bit of fun too.

What we'll ask you to do

Tell us more about you your contact details, education and work history etc. (5 mins)

Play some brain games quizzes and games that’ll give your noddle a work out (40 mins)

Try the job test your skills and learn more about being a HomeAgent in our simulation (30 mins)

Upload your documents a photo of you and your CV (5 mins)